Department of Virology

In our Department of Virology, research on sevceral infectious diseases is ongoing. Especially, we focus to the emerging viruses such as avial influenza virus and swine-origin pandemic influenza virus as well as the re-emerging viruses such as dengue virus and seasonal influenza virus. In addition to basic research regarding viral replication and virus-induced pathogenesis, applied fields on diagnostics such as the development of rapid diagnostic kits by immunochromatography and therapeutics such as human neutralizing monoclonal antibodies as collaborations with companies and with the Oveases Collaboration Center of our institute (MOCID: Mahidol-Osaka Center for Infectious Diseases). Also, the collaboration to evaluate the safety of blood products from the comtaminated agents is significant in this department for the collaboration with Japanses company.

Influenza Virus

We are working on avian influenza virus and swine-origin pandemic influenza virus, in addition to seasonal influenza viruses.

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Dengue Virus

Mosquito-borne dengue diseases are important for tropical countries. Recently patient number are rapidly increasingin the trapical countries. In Japan, there are many cases of the infections in tourists.

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Our institute established the research collaboration center in the Faculty of Tropical medcine, Mahidol University in Thailand at April 1, 2010. Our Department of Virology are actively involving in the maintenance of the center.

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